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Jill C. Baird, PhD

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

AASECT Certified Sex Therapist


COVID-19 Notice

There is a risk of contracting Covid-19 in any public space, including the therapy office. Precautions you may take to minimize your risk include vaccination, wearing a mask during therapy, practicing social distancing, hand sanitizing (available in the office), and/or virtual sessions. I am fully vaccinated for my protection and yours and will wear a mask during therapy at your request. Therapy seating arrangements are consistent with social distancing guidelines. If you have a fever, have symptoms of Covid-19, have been in contact with someone who tested positive, or have tested positive yourself, you should not come into the office until you recover (are symptom-free) and/or have a negative test. Telepsychology services are available if you are not able to come in due to Covid-19 or any other illness.


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