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Jill C. Baird, PhD

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

AASECT Certified Sex Therapist

My approach to therapy is based on the fundamental belief that, even in the most difficult of times, there are opportunities for growth and change—constructive alternatives to one’s current way of being. In both general psychotherapy and sex therapy, my work is grounded in a humanistic philosophy designed to help people with life’s problems—in whatever form they take. More specifically, my practice is based in constructivist approaches. As a humanistic-constructivist therapist, I believe the strength of the therapy relationship is fundamental to success. Thus, I attend closely to the quality of the relationship and aim to create a warm, respectful, and validating environment in which the person feels safe enough to talk about difficult and painful issues. At the same time, through gentle challenge and empathic, genuine feedback, I offer clients the opportunity to explore and examine ways of being that have not been helpful and may need to change so that they might have more of the kind of life they want.  

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